Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Features in new Mountain Lion OS

Atmosphere is again hot with the anticipation of new Mac OS. Again, millions of 20 dollars will be added to trillion dollar Apple :) 
Lets take a quick look at the  feature list.

  •  iCloud is automatic and effortless now. Just sign in once with your Apple ID and iCloud is set up in all the apps that use it.

  • Reminder:  Set due dates and you’ll get alerts as deadlines approach. Set a location from your Mac, and your iPhone or iPad will remind you when you get there.

  • Notes: Its more noteworthy with photos, images, and attachments.Pin important notes to your desktop so they’re easy to get to. 

  • iMessage: You can send messages to anyone on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 5, too.Send photos, videos, documents, and contacts — even send messages to a group. 

  •  Notification Center just like iPad—for  any new email, a message, a software update or a calendar alert.

  • Power Nap is most awesome-It periodically updates Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Reminders, Notes, Photo Stream, Find My Mac, and Documents in the Cloud,downloads software updates and makes backups with Time Machine. While updating, the system sounds are silent and no lights or fans come on, so nothing disturbs you as reported on Apple's website.

  • Dictation -It converts your words into text.And it recognizes people from your contacts so it enters names accurately. Dictation supports English (U.S., UK, and Australia), French, German, and Japanese.

  • Share Button-There is Share button throughout OS X Mountain Lion.

  • Built-in Facebook support- You can share what’s up with you right from the app you’re in. Post photos or links. Add comments and locations.OS X adds your Facebook friends and their profile photos to Contacts.

  • Built-in Twitter support- OS X Mountain Lion is designed for tweeting. Sign in once and you’re all set up .You can tweet from Notification Center, too.

  • Game Center app - You can play anyone on a Mac, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.Just use your Game Center account from iOS or create one with your Apple ID. Then sign in and you’re in.

  • Gatekeeper -It helps protect you from downloading and installing malicious software on your Mac.

  • Safari- When you open web pages on your iPhone or iPad, iCloud Tabs makes them available on your Mac, too. So you can pick up browsing wherever you left off.  Safari saves entire web pages in your Reading List,not just the links.