Monday, October 21, 2013

FlipViewUtils: iOS library for customized flip animation

iOS provides a lot of in-built transition styles from one view to another view such as instant change (using addSubView), default navigation controller transition from right to left, modal view transitions from top/bottom or flip transitions. Although the one feature which I needed in one of my project was flip transition where flip should initiate from a single component of current screen which should animate/enlarge/flip and complete transition to next ViewController seamlessly.

Watch the video for the effect what I am talking about.

For the same purpose, I wrote customized code for making such a type of transition possible. Then I took out the relevant code and made this static library which gives us the option of view controller navigation using customized flip animation. This library could be just added to any project and such an animation could be achieved with as little as 2 lines of code.

You can download it from here. The usage is described in the Readme on github and it includes a demo project as well for complete understanding of how to use it.